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DECT Firmware Upgrades

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by LawrenceF, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. LawrenceF

    Feb 7, 2018
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    Now that we can remotely provision DECT handsets, it would be fantastic if you could also remotely push firmware upgrades for the DECT base units like you do with a normal deskphone.

    We deploy a mix of Yealink and Snom DECT handsets to our clients and don't notice when the firmware goes out of date as 3CX does not highlight the firmware version in the Phones container when it goes out-of-date (we tend to find out when we are called about their phones not working properly). In addition, many of our clients use our hosted service so manually updating the firmware on these involves:
    1. Contacting the customer
    2. Starting a remote desktop session to one of their computers
    3. Running an IP scan to find the IP address of the base unit
    4. Guessing and checking that the IP address is correct
    5. Going back to 3CX to obtain the web page password
    6. Logging onto the web admin UI
    7. Checking the 3CX support page for the latest supported version of the firmware
    8. Downloading the firmware image off the manufacturer's website
    9. Uploading the image
    Not exactly a glamorous process in comparison to a standard deskphone...
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