Dell Powerconnect Switches with Voice Vlan

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    Thought I would share something I had trouble with and was able to get resolved. Below is a code snip from one of my customers switches. This was on a dell powerconnect 5548P. Using this code to set the phones automatically in the voice vlan use LLDP MED. This is similar to how you can set a Cisco UC phone in the voice vlan using Cisco CDP. In this situation we are using Polycom 550 and 650 phones. These phones support LLDP MED and have LLDP enabled by default. The below code auto sets the phone into the voice vlan 100 while leaving the PC connected to the phone in the default native vlan 1. You may or may not need to adjust the OUI table to match the MAC addressess of your devices. One caveat I found is you must set a hostname on the switch. If you leave the hostname as is out of the box the switch will pass a null value to the phone in the LLDP MED communication and it will fail to work.

    Vlan Database
    Vlan 100
    interface vlan 1
       ip address
    interface vlan 100
       Name Voice
       IP address
    Voice vlan enable
    voice vlan ID 100
    spanning-tree bpdu filtering 
    qos trust cos (its my understanding that Polycom's tag their traffic with a COS of 5 rather than a DSCP of 46.  Can be changed in the provisioning file)
    lldp med network-policy 1 voice vlan 100 vlan-type tagged
    interface gigabitethernet1/0/36
    spanning-tree disabled
    lldp notifications enable
    lldp optional-tlv port-desc sys-name sys-desc sys-cap 802.3-mac-phy
    lldp med enable network-policy location poe-pse inventory
    lldp med network-policy add 1
    switchport mode general
    switchport general allowed vlan add 1,100 untagged
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