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develop a hostable SBC

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by the60, Feb 23, 2017.

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  1. the60

    the60 New Member

    Oct 21, 2011
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    We provide 3CX in the cloud for numerous clients, and are using a 3rd party SBC for easy connectivity. However, there are limitations.

    Please consider developing a 3CX SBC that a) supports more endpoints than your current on-premise solution does, and, b) enable it to be a hosted product, either integrated in to the 3CX server or as a standalone server.

    Paying extra for this is reasonable.

    (Optimally, a standalone SBC server should be able to connect endpoints for multiple clients to their respective 3CX servers, but this is not critical).

    On this subject, there's an infinite number of prospects that own Polycom Soundpoint phones that are peered with crappy hosted PBXs. It would be great to be able to earn that business without clients having to invest in new endpoints, which is usually a deal-breaker.

    Lacking support for Polycom phones to 3CX in a hosted environment is preventing us (and, you) from earning lots of additional revenue.

    It's a shame to not be able to offer the rich feature set available with 3CX to prospects who want it, but don;t want to replace hundreds of costly phones.
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