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Dial by name extension not found for all names tested

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by upcraft, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. upcraft

    Jul 26, 2017
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    I'm not sure what is wrong here.

    I have a simple digital receptionist. Press 9 to dial by name

    It does not matter what I type all I get is "extension not found" messages
    I have tried every last name of every extension I have setup and none of them work.
    Most have a voicemail box enabled, none are setup to not show up in company directory.

    dialling the extension number directly in the IVR works fine. I can hit 300 and extension 300 rings.
    Only dial by name fails 100%

    Using latest version 15.5 sp1 15.5.3849.1
    just restarted the server to make sure it wasn't some stuck background service. Not sure if it's ever worked. it's a pretty fresh install.

    these extensions show up just fine in webclient or phones directory listings.
    I tried dialling by first name too.

    I tried dialling in externally or just dialling the extension number for the IVR from one of the phones but both have same result.
  2. AndreasPo_3CX

    AndreasPo_3CX Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Aug 10, 2017
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    Hi @upcraft,

    In order for the call by name function to work, the extension that is being dialed needs to have recorded a self identification message. Please make sure that the extension that you are trying to dial has recorded a self identification message. The procedure for recording said message can be found in the Administrators manual here.
Thread Status:
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