Dialogic d/120JCT-EURO

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    Oct 8, 2007
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    The PSTN company left by mistake a Dialogic d/120JCT-EURO in our company.
    I think this would be an opportunty to test my VOIP server with this 2000$ card :D

    I read on the internet some of the features of this card, but to tell you the truth, i think this is out of my league :D.
    I don´t understand lots of his features.

    First off all,
    "The D/120JCT-Euro board is a 12-port board..."
    The card only has 6 ports

    " ...provides analog telephone interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines"
    Need a translation in plain english of this sentence:D

    How to transform this card in a voip gateway (links, posts, etc), feel free to help

  2. Mirzab

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    I think its out of my league as well :? . 3CX does not support any internal boards so this would not be something you could integrate with it. Their system of using external ATAs and Gateways is very flexible. Other software PBXs may support it if you are up to dealing with non-Windows OS and assigning a dedicated PBX only PC. Since I could not understand much of the functionality I really don't know if its worth the headache. My 3CX machine is also my Web and File Server, works like a charm and keeps it simple for my aged brain cells :lol:
    Good Luck.

    Jul 23, 2007
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    The board has 6 RJ14 trunks. So there are 2 lines per trunk.

    >>provides analog telephone interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines

    They are FXO ports, you plug directly into PBX or Phone line, but not directly to phone :)

    If you intend to convert calls from TDM to IP and vice cersa, you must do it before the call reaches this card.

    VoIP -> ipPBX/TDM gateway (3CX connects here) -> Analog Loopstart Euro lines -> D120

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