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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Hi , we study solution for special service :

    1- 3CX ( National Server ) with only 10 phone for receive inbound call 5000
    2- 3 Server 3CX ( regional server ) connected via bridge ( or trunk ) to National Server
    3- each Regional Server is connected via bridge ( or trunk ) to 1000 Server 3CX ( local server where i have only 10 phone maximun each)
    Than from National Server for make call toward Local server , i must dialing 10[11-12 id regional server]-000[000-999 id local server]-2xx[extension ]

    I have make test-platform , when i place 10-000-2xx call from National Server go to route Regional Server 1 striplead 10 and send 000-2xx , but for route 000-2xx to Local Server i must managing from Regional Server incoming call 000-2xx to external number 000-2xx ( where 000 is outgoing prefix to Local server 1 ) striplead 000 and send 2xx .

    I must managing more item 1:1 for each translation , suppose 10 extension fro each Local Server i need 10000 translation pattern.......

    There are method for passtrought any incoming dialing 000-2xx direct on outbound route ? Very Bridge feature trunk-to-trunk
    There are method for match incoming DDI example 000* to external line 000* any digit (*)passed toward
    Last question , 3CX server support 1000 Trunk or Bridge , we haven't more traffic 20/30 simultaneus call on all network .

    Best Regard bruno
Thread Status:
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