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DID problem

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Alisdair, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Alisdair

    Feb 20, 2014
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    we use voipfone and the SIP headers show the number but I cannot get any call routing to work - I guess I am simply setting it up incorrectly - Any help would be greatly appreciated! The 01634534284 is our incoming DID in this example

    The sip header looks like this...

    User-Agent: Voipfone Sip Network
    Content-Length: 0
    18-Mar-2014 10:40:26.964 Terminated from "01634534284"<sip:unavailable@>;tag=VFdddfd4185c74f10db9bb7ba6d050 to <sip:30162253@;rinstance=195dd1a3a48603a7>;tag=e250793c; reason: RemoteBye
    18-Mar-2014 10:40:26.964 L:21.1[Line:10000<<unavailable] Sending: OnSendResp Send 200/BYE from tid=68ed5c9c Call-ID=VF7aae069b8984ea5dc2d4ac5b4124fa@voipfone:
    SIP/2.0 200 OK
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK68ed5c9c;rport=5060
    Contact: <sip:30161053@>
    To: <sip:30161053@;rinstance=195dd1a3a48603a7>;tag=e250793c
    From: "01634534284"<sip:unavailable@>;tag=VFdfd4b185cc74f10db9bb7ba6d050
    Call-ID: VF7aae069b8984ea5dc2d435cc4124fa@voipfone
    CSeq: 103 BYE
  2. craigreilly

    craigreilly Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2012
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    It is hard to tell the issue without knowing how you have setup the DID numbers.
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