Different time settings for IVR

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    Jul 28, 2015
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    Let's say, I have extensions 100 and 200 and there are few scenarios that I want to implement:

    There are two queues. 100 is an agent in one, and the 200 is an agent in second one.
    At 6:00 I want only one queue being able to receive calls from IVR, let it be queue for 100.
    At 7:00 I want both of them being able to receive the calls
    At 8:00 only the second queue being able to receive the calls.

    Mon-Fri the dialtree follows one IVR
    Saturday it goes to second IVR.
    On Sunday and other non-office hours it goes to third IVR.

    Right now I have to do this through different fake extension, which is gratefully sucks, when you have a lot of settings like that.