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Digital receptionist

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by DWL, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. DWL


    Dec 4, 2009
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    We are a secondary school from Belgium using 3cx as a cost and time effective means to check absentees in our school. Since we have network in every classroom of our school, we've set up an internal 3cx Phone System (v7.1 Small Business, no gateway/no voip provider) using Grandstream GXP280's in each classroom. Every morning and afternoon the classrooms phone the digital receptionist and leave their short absentee message. These messages are transferred to the voice mail of the secretary, who can then contact parents or whoever.

    It works really great, but two small problems remain:

    1. In the digital receptionist the time out is set to 0 seconds (no prompt, no key) so it should immediately play the transfer to voice mail prompt.
    But after dialing the digital receptionist however, the caller gets 4 seconds of silence before the voice mail prompt sets in. If the time out is set to 1 sec. it takes 5 seconds...
    We were told this delay might be due to the incorrect format of the voice mail prompt, but I checked and it definitely is a 8KHz, 16bit PCM mono wav. (We had to restart our server before this prompt became active in 3cx BTW)

    2. Often, after the caller has spoken his message and hangs up, the digital receptionist immediately rings back to the caller. When he picks up he then hears nothing, but his voice is still being recorded in the voice mail wav.

    This is of course rather confusing for the caller.

    Any help please?
    Lieven De Wolf
Thread Status:
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