do we need to use sipdomains to use external entensions

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  1. mbs1

    Mar 7, 2007
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    Relly need some help here.

    With version 3, there was an option to set extension as external and with set with pbx delivers audio, i was able to register and have 2 way audio between the pbx end and remote endpoints.

    With v5 this is not always possible , so far i have only got it to work using xlite.

    if i have a site to site vpn then it works with my ipphones ( pheenet 10201 and linksyspa901 ).

    what i have noticed is that with xlite there is an option to set the domain and i set this to the private ip address of the pbx server. the proxy address is set to the external ip address of the site with the pbx.

    having done this, xlite will register and i get connectivity.

    however with the pheenet and spa901 there is no domain field only only a register/proxy and outbound proxy field. if i put the external public ip address of the pbx site in this field then the phone will not register, if i set both the register/proxy and outbound proxy to the public ip address then the phone registers but on dialling an extn at the pbx end i get an engaged tone with the log entry

    Incoming call rejected, caller is unknown; msg=SipReq: INVITE 100@external ip address at pbx end tid=-d1108797 cseq=INVITE contact=104@external ip address at remote end / 102 from(wire)

    with a version 3 pbx i get

    Incoming call from 104 (Ext.104) to sip:1404@external ip address at pbx end

    and dest extension rings and we can talk

    something seems to have changed with v5 to break this. iam only concerned because there must be more equip out there which does not have the domain field.

    looks like the contact may be registering with the wrong domain name/ip address.

    for my tests i am not using sip domains
    it really worked with ver 3.

    i hope someone can help as a site to site vpn is not always possible to implement remote extensions


  2. Wardy

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    I have a similar problem, can anyone help
  3. Hoover87

    Nov 12, 2007
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    Same issue here too....have you found a solution?
  4. Henk

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    Try to include the sip port in the address:

    Eg. publicIP:SipPort

    Also is it possible to enter the domain realm, if so enter the public address there.

    This should be done on the devices not in 3CX. 3Cx is most likely only looking at the registration request but does not look after the ip and port routing as that is a network layer. (I think)

  5. Mori

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    Mar 23, 2007
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    Yhe easyest way is to use a sip-domain, and it does not affect your usage of 3cx since it juat a fake virtual domain and can be whatever you like. ( :D
    Just make sure its set correct in both ends.

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