does 3CX VOIP Phone System work on the web server?

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by birol2010, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. birol2010

    Feb 22, 2007
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    I have a dedicated webserver. I installed your 3CX VOIP Phone System on my server and configured its settings to work proper.Also I added a extention for testing.
    When I try a softphone on my personel computer not dedicated server, Softphone cant connect the sip server.But when I use softphone on the dedicated server,it Works proper.
    Although I configure same settings both softphones, why the softphone on my computer doesnt connect the sip server.
    Does Your sip server Works over internet or is it just for local Networks?

    Note: I tested UDP 5060 port using a program I have made via visual basic and it worked over internet.That is, There is no restriction for the port by firewall or anything

    Thank you very much

    Birol inci
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    Ok let me see if I get this.

    1. You have a webserver on which you installed 3cx? That should not be a problem.
    2. you have a PC on which you have a SoftPhone installed which you want to use to connect to the 3Cx software? That should not be a problem either.

    Correct sofar?

    Your PC with softphone must register to the 3cx server. To do so you must have the softphone configured to point to the 3cx server.
    For example

    Register [IP address of your 3cx box]
    Register Port [5060]
    Register Username [extension you setup in 3cx]
    Register Password [password you gave to the extension in 3cx]

    My config here in the office is that the 3cx lives on the same server as isa, sharepoint, exchange, dns, domain so I do not see any troubles with having 3cx on a webserver.

    If you still cannot connect make sure you have your firewall configured to allow traffic to go through.

    Perhaps post what softphone you use, so other users can help you with the config. I do not use softphones but for sure some will .
  3. birol2010

    Feb 22, 2007
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    It works

    Thanks your help.
    I stoped 3cx serviced in windows managmend console then started again.
    After that I can have connected server from my pc over internet

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