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Error occured in IVR

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by EddyHahn, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. EddyHahn

    Sep 27, 2007
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    I'm still having the same problem as with RC3 with the IVR. My install uses IIS and here is the netstat report for ports that are used by 3CX:


    According to the docs it should be using 5480, 5482, 5483, 5485, 5486, 5487. Well it does not use 5483, 5486 but uses ports that would be used by Cassini 5484.

    Any idea?
  2. ciscotech2007

    Jan 27, 2009
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    Maybe something is incorrectly configured somewhere. Our advice.

    note: this is not detailed process but a rough overview

    (1) make a backup of your system via 3CX backup utility
    (2) remove 3CX server
    (3) use 3CX installation checker to ensure no 'pieces' of 3CX are still on your machine
    (4) we may even recommend resintalling IIS or Cassani web servers (whichever your using)
    (5) reinstall your selected web server (iis *OR cass. NOT both)
    (6) reinstall 3CX server, verify no errors during install
    (7) after 3CX server install, auto-run 3CX inital wizard will start
    (8) for FQDN insert the IP ADDRESS of your 3CX server, which should be static IP (not DHCP)
    *you can use FQDN if your internal network has internal DNS server w/ SRV records for SIP
    (9) choose (3) digit extensions
    (10) add ONLY 2 extensions, one for your 3CX VoIP softphone and 1 of your SIP hardphones. If would be better to use (2) computers each with their own softphone but some people don't have (2) computers.
    (11) configure all IP endpoints with SIP registration information (i.e. extension, ID, password, etc.)
    (12) ensure all extensions register in your 3CX extension status page (i.e. green light)
    (13) call from your (1) internal extension to the other internal extension, should have success, if you don't there is an issue
    (14) if no success, change 3CX server logging to verbose and post the log in this forum post. Remember to go to the log right AFTER your phone call fails.
    (15) if your call completes to the other internal phone extension you have verified the 3CX system works on a basic level
    (16) register an account with a 3CX RECOMMENDED AND VERIFIED VoIP trunk provider, like Broadvox, CallCentric and more.
    (17) follow the instructions for adding a VoIP provider here:
    http://www.3cx.com/manual/3CXPhoneSyste ... tem37.html
    (18) make sure the Add VoIP provider wizard sets up an OUTBOUND rule
    (19) make an 'easy' OUTBOUND rule... select '9' to the be ID for OUTBOUND CALLS. Meaning all calls beginning with '9' are to be forwarded to your VoIP provider
    (20) make sure the OUTBOUND rule strips the first digit after dialing out.. which is your '9'
    (21) check your dialplans (if any) and 3CX server logs and CONFIRM the OUTBOUND dialed number is correct.. if you only see '234' or '23444' something it wrong in your dialplan or OUTBOUND prepend or strips
    (21) CONFIRM with your VoIP provider what digits you must dial during OUTBOUND calls.. meaning.. some voip providers REQUIRE you to dial your destination area code even while dialing local numbers. Some require you to include a country code as well. So if you have a 1-123-456-7899 number from your voip provider, you may have to dial 9+1+XXX+XXX+XXXX even on local calls to the same area code as your number provided by your voip provider, in this case, '123'.
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