Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging / SIP over TCP peer support

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    Hi everyone:

    Please forgive my newbie question if this has been covered elsewhere. I reviewed the forum and did not see any postings that seemed to cover this. 3CX seems to be a very good solution for many businesses and I hope it finds a lot of customers.

    I work with Exchange Server and am currently testing Exchange Server 2007. I am looking at different VOIP systems that will work with the Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging server. The requirement is either to support the RTP or SIP over TCP protocol. Does 3CX support this currently or will it in the future?

    Thanks much,

    Jim McBee
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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Exchange 2007 support

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for your nice feedback!

    In regards to your question - we plan to support Exchange 2007 natively, i.e so that Exchange can handle voice mail instead of our own voice mail server. We still need to do some things before we can finish that off though.

    In regards to your question - our software supports SIP over TCP. Currently it first tries on UDP, and then on TCP. However its probable that we need to make a setting which forces it on to TCP. We plan to do this as soon as possible - we will be working on it in October/November - we wish to support Exchange 2007 by year end...

    Would you like to take part in a beta? If yes send us a mail at info at and i will contact you as soon as we have an alpha/beta....
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    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your feedback, not a newbie question at all. I saw your blog and it's quite interesting, good job!

    About Exchange 2007 UM; We do not have much hands on experience with it yet, but judging by the below Microsoft article we should be fine.

    http: //

    I got abit worried when I read your post thinking UM wants RTP on TCP! but appearantly it is only SIP that is listening on TCP. 3CXPhoneSystem does work with providers and gateways using SIP on TCP. The only problem is that we have not yet tested our server enough with SIP on TCP (still is a beta) in order for me to say that it does work.

    So to answer your question: it SHOULD work, but if there are some issues and it does not it WILL in the not to distant future.

    Once again thanks for your time and feedback!
  4. Tdar

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    Like Jim, I am very excited to see your work coming together. Also like Jim, I am a Exchange guy and have been working with Exchange 2007. All of us that are learning this new exchange product are looking for a phone solution. I have a bit of a advantage there, as I have been working with VOIP for around 2 years now and for the past year or so have been involved with the Asterisk world. But as a Windows kind of guy I have wanted a Windows solution

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