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Explanation of CDR shortcodes.

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Luis Santos, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. Luis Santos

    Jul 17, 2017
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    Comming accross the CDR there are various accronoums, knowing what these mean would be of high inportance.

    if i could have the definitions for Reason Terminated and reason changed it would already be extremely helpful.

    HistoryID – seems to be an event ID number which is fine
    Callid – unique call identification number which is fine
    Duration – the time between the start and end of a call which is fine.
    TimeStart – the time stamp when an even started
    TimeAnswered - not sure what this is as either blank or exactly the same as TimeStart
    TimeEnd – seems to be the time of termination of call.
    ReasonTerminate – assumption is a reason for why the call ended and gives the following options

    • Connected
    • Failed
    • Failed_cancelled
    • NoAnswerTimeout
    • NoRouteExists
    • Redirected
    • RouteBusy
    • RouteNotFound
    • TargetBusy
    • TargetNotFound
    • TerminatedbyDst
    • TerminatedByRule
    • TerminatedBySync

    Would need to understand what each of these means and what it tells us

    FromNo – fine
    ToNo – fine
    FromDN – fine
    ToDn – fine
    DialNo –fine
    ReasonChanged – list of 8 text options –
    • FailedBXferOfDst,
    • FailedBXferOfSrc,
    • Fwd_NoAnswer,
    • Fwd_OnBusy,
    • QFwdToDNA,
    • Redirected,
    • ReplacedDst,
    • ReplacedSrc

    Would need to understand what each of these means and what it tells us

    FinalNumber – fine
    FinalDN – fine
    Chains – Seems t be the call path flow .. fine
    FromDispname, ToDispname, FinalDispname – names, numbers or phone groups (or blank)
    ToType – Text Options – Extension, IVR, LastValid, Line, Queue .. fine
    FinalType – larger range of text options .. fine

    Would need to understand each of these fields.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.