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Extensions duplicated (using Patton)

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by JPElectron, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. JPElectron

    Apr 10, 2009
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    Hello, I'm using two Patton 4114 boxes for a total of 8 POTS lines. While everything seems to be working fine (from an end-user calling in/out perspective) I'm noticing the virual extensions get duplicated frequently -as if 3CX can't determine a call has ended? I've asked Patton tech support and they said ask 3CX.

    This is running the latest version of 3CX, the supported firmware of the Patton boxes setup via the config file generated by 3CX, the server runs Win2K3 and server-to-patton connectivity is via a Cisco switched network.

    See screenshots for examples...

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  2. discovery1

    discovery1 Member

    Aug 4, 2008
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    So you have 2 Patton 4114's on separate IP's and they were each separately provisioned by a 3CX generated template?
    In that case i would change the starting port number on the second 4114 to be 10020 and see what happens.
    Also check that you have the correct tonesets and country selected so that the Patton knows when calls have been terminated.
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  3. JPElectron

    Apr 10, 2009
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    Correct, two devices, seperate IPs.
    After first installing we had many problems with line disconnect and hearing a bunch of DTMF tones at the start of a call - but this has since been resolved with Patton and the local telco by 1) increasing the loop-break duration and 2) getting an old fire alarm circuit off of one of the lines (was holding line open after a call, possibly sending DTMF tones)

    This is in the US, telco is AT&T, both devices are set as follows...

    Tone profile...
    Tone Duration = 80 in milliseconds [>40]
    Min. Tone Gap = 120 in milliseconds [>40]
    Signal Level = 0 in dB [-31..0]

    PSTN Profiles...
    Echo Canceler [checked]
    Hybrid Loss = 6
    Non-Linear Processor Mode [checked] [adaptive]
    Output Gain = 0 in dB [-31..31]
    Input Gain = 0 in dB [-31..31]
    ...side note, incoming call volume is really soft when compared to the 3CX lady/voicemail system prompts, I tried increasing input gain but then echo was way to annoying - any ideas on a better configuration?

    FXO Port config...
    Port State [Enabled]
    FXO Profile [us]
    Flash-Hook Duration = 100 in milliseconds
    CID Format [checked] [etsi] ...noticed when unchecked it just comes back again, we don't have caller ID on any lines so I wanted to disable it
    Binding [checked] IF_FXO_0

    Call router/FXO Interface config...
    Call-Routing Destination [checked]
    Interface IF_SIP_0
    Precall Service [unchecked] (none)
    Connect Signals
    Battery Reversal [unchecked]
    Tax Pulse [unchecked]
    Disconnect Signals
    Battery Reversal [unchecked]
    Loop Break [checked]
    Busy Tone [checked]
    DTMF [unchecked]
    Mute Dialing [checked]
    Start Dialing After
    [chceked] Timeout = 2 in seconds
    Ring Number
    [checked] Ring bursts: 1
    Loop-Break Duration
    Minimum = 200 in [mS]
    Maximum = 2000 in [mS]
    PSTN Profile [default]
    Tone Profile [default]

    Model SN4114/JO/EUI
    Hardware Version 4.4
    Software Version R5.3 2009-05-20 H323 SIP FXS FXO
    ...note a discrepancy between the 3CX site and Patton's download page:
    http://www.3cx.com/voip-gateways/patton-smartnode.html says "...using firmware 'Smartware 5.3 Build Series 2009-01-15' versions..."
    http://upgrades.patton.com/list.asp?model=SmartNode%20411x&flag=1 lists...
    Smartware 5.3 Build Series 2009-05-20 (what I'm using cause the version is 5.3)
    Smartware 5.2 Build Series 2009-01-14 (closest date to the 3CX desired version, but wrong version)

    When you say "In that case i would change the starting port number on the second 4114 to be 10020 and see what happens." do you mean the TCP/UDP port or the virtual extension port?
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