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external calls only - recipient can't hear us

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by oxygen, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. oxygen

    Sep 15, 2010
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    we have installed our first 3CX PBX.

    Almost everything works fine except for the following issue:
    When placing an external call or receiving an external call (PSTN)
    we can hear the recipient but they can't hear us.

    Internall calls works fine. We tested from:
    - handset to handset. OK
    - and from Handset to sofphone. OK

    - we are not using (yet) VOIP providers
    - Our Telco provider is LIME (ex Cable and Wireless) in the Cayman Islands

    - OS : Windows 2008 Server R2 64bits
    - 3CX Version updated to latest
    - Sangoma Internal Card Net Boarder Express A101 / 1 port
    - Conected to PRI / E1 / 30 Channels
    - Handsets used : Linksys SPA941

    - the Sangoma had been configured as per the instructions on 3cx web site
    and imported xml file as well.

    Any ideas what to look for ?

    15:22:37.825 [CM503008]: Call(33): Call is terminated
    15:22:31.585 [CM503007]: Call(33): Device joined: sip:10000@
    15:22:31.585 [CM503007]: Call(33): Device joined: sip:1182@
    15:22:26.998 [CM503002]: Call(33): Alerting sip:10000@
    15:22:22.942 [CM503025]: Call(33): Calling Unknown:345938XXXX@(Ln.10000@LimePRI)@[Dev:sip:10000@]
    15:22:22.896 [CM503004]: Call(33): Route 1: Unknown:345938XXXX@(Ln.10000@LimePRI)@[Dev:sip:10000@]
    15:22:22.896 [CM503010]: Making route(s) to <sip:9345938XXXX@>
    15:22:22.880 [CM505001]: Ext.1182: Device info: Device Identified: [Man: Linksys;Mod: SPA Series;Rev: General] Capabilities:[reinvite, no-replaces, able-no-sdp, recvonly] UserAgent: [Linksys/SPA941-5.1.8] PBX contact: [sip:1182@]
    15:22:22.880 [CM503001]: Call(33): Incoming call from Ext.1182 to <sip:9345938XXXX@>
    15:22:11.835 [CM504001]: Ext.1182: new contact is registered. Contact(s): [sip:1182@]
  2. KerryG

    KerryG Active Member

    Jun 19, 2009
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    Sounds like the signaling settings do not match your actual circuit.
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