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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Nov 24, 2006.

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    Being on the Pabx business for some years, and being seaching for an IP PABX that runs on Windows, it was love at first sight when I found 3CX.

    I believe the most dificult part is done: getting the SIP server to work, so I have a few suggestions:

    1. The site is not very clear about the product. there is a confusing mix between the free edition and the entreprise edition

    2. The features are not clear: waht kind of regular PABX things can this PABX do? List everything it you can do, like other PABX manufactures do, so interested people can compare it.

    3. Let the users sugest features, keeping in mind this is not a top PABX (maybe it will be in the future with the help of users)

    4. keep the site updated. If you say you released a Beta 3, make it available for download.

    5. Get a better support / answer system in the forums. I've been browsing the forums and did not notice a single question being answer in a manner to solve the problem

    6. Get a number of Beta tester users. Post their experiences in the forum so other people can learn.

    Well, enough for now. I'm sure other user / visitors will have something to add. Even the Admin
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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Thank you for your nice feedback. Nice to hear you fell in love with 3CX PhoneSystem :) In regards to your points:

    1. Yes, currently there is only the free edition - the features of the enterprise are still be working on, which is why we have not talked about it much. We have also not finalized the various versions yet, i.e what they will do. When we have of course we will write it down clearly.

    2. We have not completed our feature list yet because we are constantly adding to them, this is something we have scheduled for release.

    3. We communicate with our users via these forums and e-mail and this works fine.

    4. We are updating the site on a daily basis. Beta 3 has been available for download for a while, we have not made a big deal about since we are not happy enough about it. When we are, we will release it on the home page etc.

    5. We review all posts and answer all questions to the best of our abilities. We are in the process of hiring more support staff to help with testing particular customer issues.

    6. All the visitors to our forums and people on this forum are beta testers. There is no official beta program - the beta is available to all and supported via this forum.

    Just as a note to all, we are planning to give all our beta testers something in return for their efforts in the form of a free version of 3CX Phone System (over an above the free edition of course). We will be making some announcement about this when we release beta 4. (still quite a few weeks away unfortunately, hopefully before Xmas)

    Thanks again for your feedback!
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Only two comments:
    Would like to see cooments from other users, not only from you.

    My other comment is regarding you final note. IMO you don't have to give anything to better testers, Just let them test the product in advance and take their sugestions in consideration. And... You are now talking about Beta 4, and we didn't see Beta3 :cry:
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    i agree, the whole thing about BETA 3 in confusing, when you go to download the software it still says 2.0 and on the actual download page you don't ever update the size or version number,

    on the download page you need to give the actual version number (eg: 2.0.448 etc...)

    This lets people like me know when there is a new version available for testing, other wise people who are testing this need to wait for someone else to download it and post on the forums when there is a new version, oh and does the email notification work for anyone? it might just not work for me :(

    I know this seems like a rant but you have a GREAT product you are just confusing and annoying future customers :)

    Cant wait for newer versions/ release!

  5. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    beta 3

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    In regards to putting the build number behind the download. This makes perfect sense, we will do this. Last week we did include a link to the build history file, which details all published builds and their changes. I'll get the version number done monday!

    reisve - in regards to beta 3 its been up there a while. This is indicated in bold text just after the download link on the download form:


    Furthermore a post has been made on the forums last week.

    Do let me know where you expect the beta 3 to be written so we can make it clearer

    Note however, that we currently have one major issue about call disconnection which happens in some situations with varying severity and we are working on this right now.

    When thats sorted, we will be making very clear announcements about beta 3 :)
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    If You change the version number in the filename, it will be fine for everyone, I guess.

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