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Fax Server questions (pre-sales advice)

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by pierre.bln, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. pierre.bln

    Nov 15, 2008
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    I have 3 short questions about the Fax Server function of the SMB Edition (it's for a 6-employees company).
    I have quite good IT knowledge, but I'm not an expert, and I think 3CX may be the best solution for me. Hope you guys can help me clarify my last questions:

    1 - 3CX Server + Fax Server on Windows XP Pro installation possible?
    I don't understand (with reading the manual) if I can actually use the Fax Server function on a Windows XP Pro machine (it seems it requires Windows Server 03/08). So can I activate the fax server function on my "Windows XP Pro, 3CX IPBX" ? Someone on the French forum answered to this question positively, but on the 3CX manual they only talk about installing the server on Win 2003/2008, so i really have a doubt
    (Don't get mistaken, I do understand that the clients can be used on Win XP, my question really is about the 3CX server / fax server core system. ).

    2 - "Fax mailing" function (through 3CX Fax Server + Local Microsoft Fax clients).
    Once the Server installed, and the local fax clients activated on the workstations. Can people actually use more advanced fax mailing options thanks to the Windows XP/Vista fax clients:
    - sending faxes to many recipients as with the mail-merge function in Word/Excel ?
    -program sending time ?
    ...or do I actually need to buy a real "serial fax mailing" software (and in this case, no idea how it will coexist with 3CX and the ISDN adapter...)

    3 - ISDN/BRI Patton Adapter question
    To summarize the situation, here in germany, T.38 Fax seems far from being 100% working (I have asked several VoIP providers who support T.38). But still, I want to keep voice on IP because it's more flexible for us (home workers).
    So basically, I am thinking I would have:
    - SDSL/ADSL connection for voice with a SIP trunking provider. All IP Phone system with just 3CX as a IPBX.
    - along with that, an ISDN S0 connection (with german landlines unlimited plan) to use for Fax (receiving: ISDN Line > E-mail, and sending: Microsoft Fax clients > 3CX Fax server > Patton Gateway > ISDN).
    I was thinking about the Patton SN 4554 to make the link (ISDN <> LAN), it seems like the best solution (and supports automated provision from 3CX).
    I actually have never used ISDN and know little about it...my other 3-person company in Paris is all voice over IP and e-mail based.
    Do I have to plan on difficulties ?
    I understand I can use this ISDN Connection through the Patton as a outgoing Voice backup if the internet/VoIP fails (as a bonus :p even if of course with limited outgoing calls), is that correct?

    Thanks a lot for your help. After all 3CX is designed to be as easy as possible...so it does encourage naïve non-IT persons like me to try full DIY :lol:
  2. matrinx

    Dec 4, 2006
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    I have the same dude (1), I need use the Fax Server on Win XP, but not a Fax client on WIN XP,

    Please someone know how do it?


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  3. worksighted

    worksighted New Member

    Aug 19, 2008
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    Hi Guys.

    -You need to install the fax server on 2003/2008. Not xp.
    -I haven't tried a mail-merge fax. But, 3CX presents itself to the server as a regular "fax modem". Really the fax server and clients do not know anything about 3CX. I would expect you can do anythign you can typcially do with a standard microsoft fax printer.
    -Yes, you can use this as a secondary outbound call route if your VoIP Line becomes unregistered. Also, you can ask your VoIP carrier to forward to the ISDN for inbound if they cannot reack your PBX. This gives you two-way failover.


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  4. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    1. To have a network based fax server you need to install the windows network fax component, see manual for full description
    2. Microsoft Fax includes very good fax mailing functions, see the microsoft fax documentation
    3. T38 fax is only used for communication between the patton gateway and the fax service in 3CX. It goes out via a regular phone line and in G3 format so it works with all fax machines. The fax does not work via a VoIP provider. The point of the Fax service in 3Cx is that you can use the same gateway for both voice and fax (even though you must dedicate either a DID or a line) and that you dont need any separate modem or fax cards for the fax server. In fact you dont need separate fax server software. This represents a big saving.

    More info
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