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Firmware color status for phones (version build too high)

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by mcsantoso, Oct 5, 2017.

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  1. mcsantoso

    May 9, 2016
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    Currently 3CX displays phones in RED if it is out of date, not when the build is too high. It would be very helpful if the RED color status also applied if the firmware build is not matching or exactly on the same build. Therefore, I can downgrade the firmware accordingly without spending unnecessary troubleshooting time. If the status for any firmware that did not match the latest supported build, then I would have noticed it sooner than later.

    I've recently had a situation with a client that deployed new IP phones and the firmware was too high over 3CX's current firmware. 3CX detect it as a firmware that it is "Up to date" but in fact it is also unsupported as it was causing issues with caller ID on incoming calls. Particularly, I was working with Yealink phone. I spend a good chunk of time troubleshooting with the client and testing when I thought they were on the current build of firmware under Phones. It was only then when I spent time capturing Wireshark/Support Information for 3CX support and ended up being the firmware was too high.

    Also this is probably separate Idea/Feature request, it appears that 3CX can only upgrade firmware, and not downgrade under Phones. It would be nice to be able to downgrade firmware from the Phones page. Because in my specific situation, I have to manually downgrade 25+ new IP phones individually with different auto-generated passwords that the client just purchased and deployed.
  2. Silly English Kniggit

    Sep 13, 2017
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    This has been changed in v15.5 SP1. Phones with too high firmware version now show red too.

    I've also had problems downgrading firmware from 3CX. Given 3CX just issues a generic "load firmware from this URL" - I don't really see why this should happen. My guess is that that system is designed for upgrades only, where as phone web interface is more likely to be sued for downgrade too and must do things a bit differently. These were Fanvil phones. One week we get phone from supplier with firmware from the stone age - 3CX can't cope with phone at all until upgraded, the next week we get phones made only a week before and the firmware is too new and 3CX throws a strop about it and can't downgrade them either.
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