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    Let's say I want to forward all calls made to a specific DDI to an external number; is it possible to have the CLI present as the dialled number? Rather than the call originator's number.


    0111111111 calls 022222222 which then forwards to 0333333333
    0333333333 see's that a call is incoming from 022222222

    With the way I currently have it set up (forwarding extension to mobile using Call Deflection - only way I could get it to work at all);

    0333333333 see's that a call is incoming from 0111111111

    I hope that makes sense!
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    In many cases, yes, but it may depend on what the provider wants to see and how the headers in the messaging are formulated.

    The redirection (deflection) is, I assume, using a call diversion message. Essentially, this is when a call comes in and the PBX tells the originator that the intended destination is not available here, but to go "there" now. Think of this as a detour.

    Many providers do not like diversion headers and instead will only want to see a new INVITE. The implication being that instead of a detour, the call is answered (INVITE is answered, but not physically per se) and then a forward using a new INVITE is initiated.

    You likely need to do a capture without the divert function enabled to see what is standing in the way of the new call being successful.
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    I'm not certain that showing the DID number, as outbound caller ID is a straight forward thing to implement, if at all.