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    We have around 1000 extensions and a scenario where some senior staff want to allow [say] 20 colleagues to call them directly but all other callers (internal & external) must be routed to their PA. Under the current setup, we need to create a rule which look something like:-

    3011-6113,6116-6200,6202-6216 ---> PA (therefore 6114, 6115 & 6201 are permitted)

    Problem is that we need 5 rules like that to cover all the allows/exclusions, and when new numbers need to be permitted, we need to completely recast the whole list.

    Would it be possible to have a single rule with 'Allow' a list of extensions and second rule that indicates '*' ---> PA (everything else to PA). Logically, the 'Allow' rule might be achieved by allowing selection of the current extension under the 'Forward to' Extension option

    I hope this makes sense - it was difficult to describe!!!

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