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Freeconet - Disconnects during the night - Manual reset need

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Arnaud, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Arnaud

    Nov 23, 2007
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    since a few days I have registered myself with Freeconet, a Polish VOIP provider, offering local numbers, and fairly low rates.
    (And, are as far as I could find till now the only provider in Poland with an English website).
    Registration of the line went smooth, and I've already received incoming calls successfully. Will test outgoing today, after my pre-paid transaction is processed.

    Question though ;
    Each morning (two in a row, since subscription) the status of the line is red, and I need to "register" the line again to get it connected and ready for use.

    On the website, they have examples on how to configure Linksys equipment, Softphone etc., but no 3CX.
    In the X-lite settings they recommend to configure re-register every 300 seconds (which I did in 3CX), but also to send SIP keep-alives and usage of rport.
    Can something similar be done with 3CX, or is this already default ?
    The 3CX logs looks as follows. Any suggestions on how to fix this ?


    I'm a newby in this area, maybe the below log can help identify the problem
    It seems the 3CX server gave up to register at 04:18 this morning, after several failed attempts, because of "Request Timeout".
    Only at 10:55 this morning when I registered the line manually again it connected succesfully
    The log trace showed some activity inbetween though. Unfortunately this log only goes back till 05:55:40 this morning.
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Thread Status:
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