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Gamma IP trunk configuration

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by sona1, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. sona1

    Sep 19, 2014
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    There are links on previous posts about configuring a gamma IP based sip trunk but the discussion link is dead. Can someone please provide clear instructions on how to configure this on a hosted server (windows has public IP). I would be eternally grateful.
  2. Jaymei

    Dec 18, 2014
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    In version 14 this template has appeared, unsure if it works but may be helpful.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <doc xmlns:tcx="http://www.3cx.com">
        <time>2015-04-18 18:30:00</time>
          <!-- Friendly Name -->
          <field name="Name">Gamma</field>
          <!-- Hostnames and Port Numbers -->
          <field name="RegistrarHost"></field>							<!-- Registrar & Proxy IP / FQDN  -->
          <field name="RegistrarPort">5060</field>						<!-- Registrar & Proxy Port Number -->
          <field name="ProxyHost"></field>									<!-- Proxy IP / FQDN -->
          <field name="ProxyPort"></field>									<!-- Proxy Port Number -->
          <field name="StunServerHost"></field>							<!-- StunServer IP / FQDN -->
          <field name="StunServerPort"></field>							<!-- StunServer Port Number -->
          <!-- Registration Settings -->
          <field name="LineAuthenticationPassword" status="readonly"></field>
          <field name="RegistrationExpiry">120</field>				<!-- Registration Expiry -->
          <field name="RequireAuthFor">1</field>						<!-- No=1; In=2; Out=3; Both=4 -->
          <field name="IpInContactReg">1</field>						<!-- Ext=1; Int=2; Both=3; Specified=4 -->
          <field name="IpInContactRegList"></field>					<!-- List of PBX IPs -->
    	  <field name="3wayauthenticationid" status="readonly"></field>               <!-- Entry to enable 3 way authentication-->
               <!-- Provider Capabilities -->
          <field name="IsSupportReinvite">0</field>					<!-- Yes=1; No=0 -->
          <field name="IsSupportReplaces">0</field>					<!-- Yes=1; No=0 -->
    	  <field name="DisableVideo">1</field>                      <!-- Yes=1; No=0 -->
    	  <field name="PublicIPVia"></field>
          <!-- Location of Destination Number -->
          <field name="DestNumberIn_TO">1</field>					<!-- Yes=1; No=0 -->
          <field name="DestNumberIn_REQLINEURI">1</field>		<!-- Yes=1; No=0 -->
          <field name="DestNumberIn_RPID_CALLED">0</field>	<!-- Yes=1; No=0 -->
          <!-- Other Options -->
          <field name="IsBindToMS">1</field>								<!-- Bound=1; NotBound=0 -->
          <field name="UseIPInContact">0</field>						<!-- UseIP=1; DoNotUseIP=0 -->
          <field name="CallerIDIn">1</field>								<!-- Fm=1; To=2; ReqURI=3; Con=4; RemPtyClg=6 -->
          <field name="CalledNumberIn">2</field>					<!-- Fm=1; To=2; ReqURI=3; Con=4; RemPtyCld=5 -->
          <codec rfcname="pcmu"/>
          <codec rfcname="pcma"/>
          <codec rfcname="gsm"/>
          <!--Source Identification - Use Default PBX Internal Source Identification-->
          <!--<field name="MatchStrategy">1</field>-->
          <!--<field name="Source" parameter="" custom=""></field>-->
          <!--<field name="Source" parameter="" custom=""></field>-->
          <!--<field name="Source" parameter="" custom=""></field>-->
          <!-- Gateway / Provider Inbound Parameters -->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RequestLineURIUser"></field>-->
          <field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RequestLineURIHost">$DevHostPort</field>
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ContactUser"></field>-->
          <field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ContactHost">$DevHostPort</field>
          <field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ToDisplayName">$CalledName</field>
          <field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ToUserPart">$CalledNum</field>
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ToHostPart"></field>-->
          <field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="FromDisplayName">$CallerName</field>
          <field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="FromUserPart">$CallerNum</field>
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="FromHostPart"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="UserAgentTextString"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCalledPartyDisplayName"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCalledPartyUserPart"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCalledPartyHostPart"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyDisplayName"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyUserPart"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyHostPart"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ProxyAuthID"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterIn" custom="" parameter="ProxyAuthRealm"></field>-->
          <!-- Gateway / Provider Outbound Parameters -->
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RequestLineURIUser">$CalledNum</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RequestLineURIHost">$GWHostPort</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ContactUser">$AuthID</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ContactHost">$ContactURI</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ToDisplayName">$CalledName</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ToUserPart">$CalledNum</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ToHostPart">$GWHostPort</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="FromDisplayName">$OutboundCallerId</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="FromUserPart">$AuthID</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="FromHostPart">$GWHostPort</field>
          <!--<field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="UserAgentTextString"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCalledPartyDisplayName"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCalledPartyUserPart"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCalledPartyHostPart"></field>-->
    	  <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyDisplayName">$OutboundCallerId</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyUserPart">$OutboundCallerId</field>
          <field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyHostPart">$GWHostPort</field>
          <!--<field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ProxyAuthID"></field>-->
          <!--<field name="ParameterOut" custom="" parameter="ProxyAuthRealm"></field>-->
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  3. davidbenwell

    davidbenwell Active Member

    Apr 27, 2010
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    Gamma is not currently a supported provider of which i suspect is due to the following.

    Gamma monitor the Via field on outbound calls and if not from a trusted public IP they reject the calls.

    now this is fine if the PBX is hosted in a data centre as the public IP address will be on the network card. however when on a local network with an IP Address on the pbx for example this IP address will be sent to Gamma on the via field and Gamma will reject the calls.
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  4. bardissi

    bardissi Member

    Jan 31, 2012
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    yes agreed.

    we have an msp who has 90 3cx tenants with us in the uk all using gamma.

    All 3cx servers have the pubic ip passthrough bound to the nic card in windows.

    No issues.
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