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Gateways, remote sites and PBX delivers audio

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by VictorSP, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. VictorSP

    Sep 6, 2016
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    Hi team,

    We've discussed with 3CX Support that in a scenario where we have a media gateway in a different subnet than PBX, media is always delivered by 3CX even the option "Pbx delivers audio" is disabled. This is the same with ip phones in different subnet.

    3CX Support explained that gateways in remote sites are not supported because gateways must be in the same subnet or a subnet routed directly by a vpn. For example, the 3CX and gateways must be in same subnet, but cannot be one in and other in even if both subnets are routed.

    We think this is an inneficient behavior from the point of view of the bandwidth and 3cx server resources, because we have traffic than could be send directly between endpoints but with this situation, the traffic goes to 3CX and is forwarded to the endpoint.

    Could you take in consideration, please? Every VOIP solutions permit delivering audio directly between endpoint that can be reached themselves even they are in different subnets.

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