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Grandstream 4104 on Verizon?

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Does anybody in the USA have a Grandstream 4104 analog gateway configured and working properly on Verizon POTs lines? Mine is a new install and after about 6 hours I've got some improvement but for the most part it is still giving me fits. It is on current firmware and I've implemented all suggestions that I found at Grandstream's website regarding current disconnect settings and delay settings.

    If someone does have this configuration working and could send or post their settings I'd appreciate it. Main complaints are choppy sound, missed or dropped calls, and intermittent problems with inbound caller ID not showing up. Also it gives an occasional terrible squeal when an inbound call is established. Outbound seems pretty much OK.

  2. jlebeau

    May 22, 2007
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    I have/had Grandstream gateways with Verizon for my PSTN provider. First thing to check with Verizon is what your local office has for a disconnect signal. The Grandstream gateways seem to be sensitive to longer disconnect times. My office (Central Illinois) has a 400 ms current disconnect signal. Grandstream is set with a default of 100.

    Next, make sure you have updated it to the most current firmware. They have version out. That fixes some of the random disconnect issues that you have noticed.

    Finally, as many other people have mentioned on here, the Grandstreams are never going to get great sound quality. There will always be some delay and echo issues. Also, they seem to have a problem with dropping calls if there is any period of silence on one end or the other. Most people are starting to switch to the Patton or AudioCodes gateways. They are harder to configure, but seem to be much better sound quality. My Grandstream is just used for the rollover lines and backup in case my Patton dies.

    As nice as the Grandstream gateways appeared with the easy config and such, until they fix these problems, they just aren't working properly for most people.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Thanks for the input! According to Grandstream they said to go to 300ms on current disconnect, which helped a bit but not much. Based upon your post I went to 400ms and things improved greatly. Also I looked at settings on a 3COM system that I have connected to Verizon at another location. That had gain set to 4db for both incoming and outgoing. Setting those values on the Grandstream also helped. So far it has been pretty stable since then. Not 100% perfect at all, but liveable for my home phones.

    Location of the CO is Northern VA.
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