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  1. girishpeswani

    May 8, 2007
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    I am using GXW4008 and GXW4108 for my PBX needs to work with 3CX -IP-PBX solution.

    issues that I need support on :

    1) When a user is dialling another internal user ( extension to extension calling ) the dialling is fast and it rings a bell immediately on the other end

    When a user is calling a PSTN network user on Landline phones or Mobile phones network through the GXW4108 gateway ,
    the user has to wait a long time for the call to connect. Sometimes more then a minute too.

    At this time there is no DIALLING heard for Dial progress heard or indicated.
    The pause and silence is too long to make a user wait.
    If the call does not go through for any reason the user does not even come to know about the failure before a minutes waiting.

    2) Some extensions have lot of call failures and some have mimnimum failures. Where should i start looking for configuration problems to resolve this . One Gateway or Server ?

    Pl. assist me in configuring the Gateway perfectly to resolve this issue.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.