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Great job! Any plans to support security, SRTP/TLS?

Discussion in 'iOS' started by qc7, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. qc7


    Sep 20, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    Just checked out the first official iPhone version now available on the App Store. Looks great and worked fine for me both internally over wifi and externally over 3G.

    I realise this is just a start, but am wondering if you plan to support SRTP/TLS as you do within 3CX itself.

    I would never use or encourage the use of a remote phone that can't support these security protocols. Hacking is just too rife, plus in a corporate environment having calls encrypted is often of importance.

    Connecting via VPN is not really practical because you want to be able to leave the phone running all the time without necessarily affecting other networking tasks (browsing, etc) you do on the device. We have guys in other countries and don't want all their network traffic going via our local network just so the phone can remain connected.

    I've been using the CounterPath Bria iPhone Edition app for some time and it works quite well with 3CX using SRTP/TLS (though there are still some lingering issues, but it gets better with each new release).

    I'm very attracted to use a 3CX phone instead of Bria (even if it costs a small fee per app), because there's far more wonderful opportunities for integration with the 3CX phone system and the setup can possibly be much simpler, reliability better, etc. But SRTP/TLS (or something equally as functional) is a must. A 3CX proprietary tunnel would also be fine if it is properly encrypted, and may even help with some connectivity issues over certain providers.

    Anyway, just thought I'd give you my feedback. You've done a great job thus far and there's certainly heaps of potential given that you can control both the PBX and the app. I'm happy to be proprietary with 3CX if all essential needs are met :)

  2. StefanW

    StefanW Head of Customer Support and Training
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Jun 2, 2009
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    thx for your featback. Yes i can agree with you that SRTP and SSIP will be needed in bigger installations.
    I can not tell you yet where the ride will go to with that. we have alot of basic to get better then then they are now.
    More in the user's finder and the device to make this apple easy to use model even better.
    When we have this all sorted, security is always important. Lets see in the future. Never say never.

    Thx for the report again!
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