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handle peak/off-peak/weekend rates for billing reports

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Erik Carlson, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Erik Carlson

    Jan 8, 2018
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    Currently we bill our 3CX customers for their calls based on data provided by our SIP provider. For most this is fine, however it doesn’t show us which 3CX extension made the call.

    Our unhappy customer wants this information in their billing data. My colleagues who are 3CX certified told me about a report that 3CX produces which does show who made the call, and we are able to configure 3CX with call costs so that 3CX does the calculations and produces a customer facing document. Wonderful, this should meet our needs but no.

    Our SIP provider gives different rates for Weekday Peak, Weekday Off Peak and Weekends, so for any given call there could be 3 different rates depending on when the call was made. We have all the rates in a table, but my colleague tells me that 3CX doesn’t support different rates for peak/off peak. Can you confirm whether this is correct and if so how your other partners work around this or if there is any plan to improve 3CX to support this?