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    I am trying to call Extension A from the server(Another extension B is created on the server ) i am able to call but i am not able to call from Extension A to the server's Extension B. As i have observered both 3cx phone are registered with the server please help also i would be connecting few external extions also for example in a different state altogether please let me know in detail how to go-ahead with it and if i have to open ports which all of them have to be opened . Please Give Information In Detail as i was not able to find answer to my question in the manual
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    Try having a look at the PhoneSystem logs. If you installed in the default directory they can be found at:
    "C:\Program Files\3CX\PhoneSystem\Bin\3CX\Logs\"
    The key log in this situation is "3CXPhoneSystem.log", and in it you can review the call events. You might see the attempted call and the reason why it failed.
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    More info


    In addition check the server status. If this does not provide any clues, please send us the phone log and the server status log to support@3cx.com and we will check it out.

    Also be sure to switch off any firewalls on the machine and try againto see if that is the problem.


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