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    Mar 16, 2007
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    I downloaded 3CX free edition and configure 1st extension as 100 and downloaded free edition of X-Lite soft phone and my status is ON.
    I have a Alcatel PCX VoIP and I am trying to configure lines but not able to save as soon as i click finish the fields go empty can someone help ?
    I need to make a call from my Soft phone to VoIP phone and than see what else is possible and than viceversa.
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    I have a Alcatel PCX VoIP and I am ... finish the fields go empty can someone help.

    Do not know the phone, but it can be because of two reasons:
    1. No admin rights to change the phone config
    2. PROXY, if you have a proxy configured in your browser and have not excluded the IP of the phone you will have problems as you describe above.

    What to do?
    1. Get admin rights, and make sure that you follow the correct steps. For example finish does not always result in save. A lot of phones require you to save before finish.

    2. Disable proxy in your browser, or includ the proxy in the phone (but you cannot save settings wright?). Clear your cache etc. you might find that when you press finish the page refreshes with the "old" page that had no values.


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