High RAM usage in ver11

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by sskelley333, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. sskelley333

    Sep 19, 2012
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    I've been having some high RAM utilization on my 3cx server and was wondering if anyone was seeing similar.

    My server is a vmware esxi 5 virtual machine running with one CPU, 8 GB of RAM on Windows 2008 R2 sp1 and fully patched. The only app on that server is 3CX ver11 with sp1 installed with the Abyss web server. We have about 25 office extensions and 12 SIP trunks. Average load is around 33% of those ext and lines in use.

    A little history on this machine. We weren't having noticeable problems with it until after we had a failure of our RAID 5 array in our host which resulted in some file damage on a couple of VMs. The RAID array was repaired and ever since we've had high RAM usage on the 3CX server. It was originally configured with 4 GB of RAM and would see it climb to 3.5+ GB and never drop. At that point the machine would start to become unresponsive and would affect calls and we'd have to reboot the server. I raised the VM to 8 GB of ram and the ram usage would climb to 6.5 GB and would be a little better but there would still be times when it would become unresponsive.

    I have since done quite a bit of work on this server to try and correct it. I have backed up the config and re-installed the 3cx app restoring with that config. I have rebuilt the virtual machine and its OS from scratch and restored the config. I have even rebuilt the RAID array, re-installed vmware and datastore that it sits on, then rebuilt from scratch again the VM and OS and a fresh install of 3cx and restored the config. I thought the last had it fixed as I had a day that didn't seem to raise the RAM beyond 1 GB of usage immediately after but yesterday I had to re-adjust the ram back up due to high usage (was at 4GB after the last rebuild and its jumped to 3.5, moved it back to 8GB and now it is at 6GB).

    I know the OS is good, the install is good, the host is good, the RAID 5 datastore it sits on is good. At this point I'm left with a couple of possible causes: the configuration that I keep backing up and restoring is actually corrupted and restoring it is just re-introducing the same bad file -or- there is a memory leak in one of the 3cx services that isn't obvious (maybe I should switch from Abyss web server to IIS) -or- it always has used this amount of RAM but it just wasn't as bad or noticeable until after my RAID array had failed on my host.

    I've already got a ticket in with support on this but they are having problems finding any issues with the services. I was wondering what other people's RAM usage is like under load for the system so I have a comparison. It would be nice if 3CX had a guildelines for system resources based on extensions/lines/load/etc.
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    Please provide more information.
    Open task manager - tab Processes
    then menu
    View->Select columns
    Memory - Commit Size
    Memory - Working set
    press OK
    tick(or press if it is the button) "Show Processes from all users" at the bottom of the list.

    sort processes by Working set(Memory). What are the processes with largest Working set(Memory)?
    sort processes by Commit size. What are the processes with largest Commit size?
    How much memory is used by processes named (please check both columns) :
    3CX... (like 3CXMediaServer, 3CXPhoneSystem etc.)
    postgress.exe (there are around 10 processes with this name)
    w3wp.exe (if you are using IIS)
    FCGI.... (if you are using Abyss)
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