Hold-Resume not working (incoming calls from remote ext.)

Discussion in 'Windows' started by eternalprince, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. eternalprince

    Mar 11, 2012
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    After lots of tweaking, googling and tinkering I got my remote extensions up and running with full functionality without having to use a proxy/tunnel. Calls can be made to and from all extensions and transferred with no problem. I have to keep an eye whenever my cable modem IP changes but thats fine by me for now. I also went ahead and forwarded all the relevant UDP ports on my DLink router to the internal server machine. STUN is active on the server and the extensions. So far so good.

    What is driving me crazy is that when a call is made FROM a remote extension TO an internal extension(all other types of calls seem to be fine), MOH is not heard when either party places the other on hold and the call does not resume after pressing hold for the second time. The internal Cisco SPA 508 gets stuck at "Trying to resume hold" and I have to the end the call from both ends as the remote extension does not seem to receive notification that my internal ext has hung up.

    The same problem seems to come up between the remote extensions at the remote site whether using a hard IP phone or 3CX soft phones.

    Below is the server log. I think it has to do with the able-no sdp part. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    16:27:46.712 [CM503008]: Call(11): Call is terminated
    16:27:37.598 Currently active calls - 1: [11] (There is no log activity showing when I pressed hold or tried to resume on the internal ext
    16:27:30.032 [CM503007]: Call(11): Device joined: sip:100@
    16:27:30.029 [CM503007]: Call(11): Device joined: sip:104@ext public IP:3244;transport=UDP
    16:27:26.888 [CM505001]: Ext.100: Device info: Device Identified: [Man: Cisco;Mod: SPA Series;Rev: General] Capabilities:[reinvite, replaces, unable-no-sdp, no-recvonly] UserAgent: [Cisco/SPA508G-7.4.9c] PBX contact: [sip:100@]
    16:27:26.888 [CM503002]: Call(11): Alerting sip:100@
    16:27:26.730 [CM503025]: Call(11): Calling Ext:Ext.100@[Dev:sip:100@]
    16:27:26.699 [CM503004]: Call(11): Route 1: Ext:Ext.100@[Dev:sip:100@]
    16:27:26.697 [CM503010]: Making route(s) to <sip:100@ext ip:5060>
    16:27:26.694 [CM505001]: Ext.104: Device info: Device Not Identified: User Agent not matched; Capabilities:[reinvite, replaces, able-no-sdp, recvonly] UserAgent: [3CXPhone 6.0.20943.0] PBX contact: [sip:104@ext public ip:5060]
    16:27:26.691 [CM503001]: Call(11): Incoming call from Ext.104 to <sip:100@ext public IP:5060>
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