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Holidays - Schedule options

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by solutionsit, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. solutionsit

    Nov 25, 2014
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    Not all days are on a specific date.

    Thanksgiving in canada is on second Monday of October. Which changes every year. It's silly to have to change this every year and most clients will forget.

    Labour Day in canada is on first monday in september

    This style of date setting should be enabled for daylight savings time.
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  2. WolfgangOne

    Nov 17, 2016
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    I concur with this. It shouldn't be terribly difficult, either, though it takes a bit of wrapping your head around it. In, say, Asterisk, you can set holidays like this:

    Independence Day: *|*|4|jul
    Christmas: *|*|25|dec
    NewYear: *|*|1|jan
    MartinLutherKing: *|mon|15-21|jan
    Valentines: *|*|14|feb
    StPatDay *|*|17|mar
    Halloween *|*|31|oct
    Thanksgiving *|thu|22-28|nov
    MemorialDay *|mon|25-31|may
    LaborDay *|mon|1-7|sep
    Pres/WashBday *|mon|15-21|feb
    MothersDay *|sun|8-14|may
    FathersDay *|sun|15-21|jun

    What this means for the sort-of "floating" holidays, like Thanksgiving, is that you're telling it to go to holiday mode on any THURSDAY (and only a Thursday) that falls between the 22nd and 28th of November, which are the minimum and maximum possible dates for it. At my old job, with Asterisk, I was thus able to program the thing to be more or less futureproof. I was also able to include things like being closed the day after Thanksgiving and the Monday or Friday nearest to Independence Day, as appropriate per company regs.

    But in oh-so-easy 3CX, I guess I'll just sit down this afternoon and program in the next ten years worth of holidays.
    One at a time.
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  3. Rob Harvey

    May 1, 2018
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    Better still, because I hate having to use my brain these days, would be the Calendar style option of setting a holiday to be the first Tuesday of November (Melbourne Cup day in Victoria, Australia) every year.

    Or the ability to upload an ICS file with the years holidays because, and I'm sure other large countries have this problem, different states in Australia have different holidays - and even regional Victoria has some that differ from the CBD - Melbourne Cup Day being one of those in Victoria.