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  1. CT-NetService

    Oct 20, 2015
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    I would like to see the Hosted PBX version of 3CX move forward.

    Move Backup and Restore functionality to Virtual PBX Manager
    Let end-users be able to make backups or do restores, however be able to set general settings like rotation and backup location in the Virtual PBX Manager. This could also help to create general Failover from one Hosted PBX to secondary.

    Password reset functionality
    Add the functionality to reset passwords by end-user from Management WebGUI, off course also log it for service purporse or add option to disable password reset per instance.

    Support Windows Edge
    Some of the windows in the Management WebGUI are not showing properly, colums are mixed up.

    Adding non-editable options
    Adding ability to add information/config to an instance that is non-editable, could be server-wide. Hosting Partners use specific settings most of the times to support/service their customers and should be able to add config like SIP-providers/trunks (when they sell 3CX including SIP-termination). Setting Rules (In/Out) related to SIP-termination. Email and notifications (non-editable/hide) and set to their own support address.

    Removing InstanceID and owner from Management WebGUI
    Please remove the InstanceID from the management WebGUI, this is not to any concern of end-user. Also would be nice to be able to add Companyname so it shows and/or their logo. (I'm not saying removing 3CX logo/info)

    Remove License from Settings
    As an Hosted Partner we resell the license as part of the PBX, would be nice to remove the License option under Settings as the end-user doesn't have to know any info and/or be able to enter info. Product name, version, number of sim. calls, Name of registered user/company and License status would be sufficient.

    Remove/Change Help section
    As a Hosted Partner we provide full support and information to our end-users. Would be nice to remove some of the items in the Help section like Buy support, Find a reseller, Contact 3CX and perhaps add Get Support to link to the Hosted Partner. Offcourse the manuals etc are handy for everyone and could understand leaving some links like blog.

    Call Cost
    Be able to import call rates to PBX for Hosted Partner SIP-termination. Perhaps would be nice to add Call Costs per SIP-Trunks/PSTN-Gateway in general to have more accurate statements. Disabling/locking (it for specific trunks/gateways) for end-users to serve Partners with SIP-termination better.

    Disable use of extension outside the LAN
    By default uncheck the option: 'Disable use of extension outside the LAN' for Hosted PBX because these instances are running in the cloud 99.9% of the time. It's extra management task per extension when supporting end-users.

    Add Queue tab in User Extension
    Add Queue tab and move 'Queue Status' and 'Log out from queues when not available (Away / Do Not Disturb)' to it.

    Use Company name in Wallboard
    At this moment the wallboard does not save the custom and optional message as far as I know. Also it would be nice to have the Company name registered in license info as default loaded (but editable).

    Add options to Wallboard - Q-Manager
    Add option for Q-Manager in Wallboard to get better understand of workforce. Add duration of lunch/break, wrap-up time, avarage talking (per ext.).

    I'm sorry the last 3 items are not regarding Hosted PBX but couldn't let them out. All items would really put the Hosted PBX to the next level in my opinion. From a perspective of a Hosted Partner these changes/additions would be really great as they improve both customer experience as management experience. Some current features are very good and common but when moving the 3CX PhoneSystem to the cloud for hosters some options/features should be managed by the Hosted Partner to offer an even better/cleaner service.

    Please do not reply with new options but instead send a PM. Disclaimer: I'm sorry if any items are already on the forum but I tried to add features that are specifically are beneficial for Hosted Partners
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  2. CT-NetService

    Oct 20, 2015
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    Hosted PBX features for partners - Failover

    Failover looks only to be supported per instance of 3CX. For an Hosting Partner is would be beneficial to have this in Virtual PBX Manager and this feature controlled server-wide.
    For now every instance and it's admin has to setup the functionality inside the instance. An huge improvement would be to have this in the Virtual PBX Manager and deployed server-wide. This way we could offer the PBX's in a redundant way, 2 servers (1st and 2th) in failover mode instead of 2 servers and manually setup failover per instance per server.
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  3. gemcem

    Nov 6, 2014
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    I agree that there should be an option of Failover for the whole Cloud server itself, probably PBX Manager/Server Backup & Restore would be the best place.