Hotel module - friendly interface for small hotels and guesthouses

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    Jun 26, 2017
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    I appreciate there is a hotel module with integration to different PMS, however, many very small hotels don't use a proper / supported PMS.

    For them, they simply want a PDF phone bill when the guest checks out.

    A lot of guest houses in the UK use something like the BT Inspiration system, and it does this:

    When a new guest arrives, the receptionist dials a code to activate the phone in that room, and when a guest leaves, they dial another code to check the guest out. Doing this causes the printer attached to the PBX to produce a bill.

    The daily reports aren't good enough, as they show multiple extensions and are automatically generated each day - we would want to generate the phone bill at the end of the guest's stay, which may be a day, or may be a week.