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    Jan 6, 2017
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    We are trying to make a purchase decision. Right now we use an Asterisk based system but the support is limited to the PBX that sits on top of the system. The API is fairly shut down.

    How open is the 3CX API?

    We have tested the pro version and the CRM integration works for us in a limited capacity. We are going to want to develop more of a server side application for some of the functions we require. Things like looking at the incoming number and then searching the CRM DB for that number. If exists, send call to CRM contact owner. That is more of a server side application from what I understand.

    Also, we have noticed that if there are duplicate numbers for contacts (A family uses same number for all members) then the first one the current integration finds, is the one that is chosen. We need to create a pop up that allows us to select the caller in that instance.

    We need to be sure we can develop these needs with the API. Can some one at 3CX answer this?
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    Please take a look at the 3CX Call Control API documentation here:

    That page contains a link to download a Visual Studio project with many samples you can use as a guide.

    Using that API you can monitor calls arriving to the system. You can then query your CRM to determine which is the proper agent to handle the call and transfer the call to that agent.

    Once the call is transfered to the agent, if you use the Dynamics plug-in the first contact will be shown. If you need to show a dialog to the agent at this level, you need to edit the provided script to do it, and upload it to your 3CX server as a new plug-in. More information on how to do this here:

    Hope the information helps.

    Kind regards.
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