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  1. Eder Pardeiro

    Jul 8, 2017
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    I'm brazilian and don't speak english very well, any form I will try explain my doubt.

    Im trying personalize the Prompt Sets of 3CX System.

    First, I copyed the standard prompt set (English Prompts Set) duplicating and creating the Portuguese-Personalized prompt set nammed.
    After this, I found the created folder in "/var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Data/Ivr/Prompts/Sets/b8ff8389-9b70-4570-b2a0-3fd3d3451e11" and inside this all WAV files.
    I started translating the "please_hold.wav" and have sucess. Wen anyone not answer in a queue in x times, the audio is played.

    My problem is with Digital Recepcionist. I translated the file "thankyou_goodbye.wav" in English Prompt and my Personalized Prompt. Anyway it continues playing the original wav. If delete file, don`t play anything.

    Follows a print attachment and the compressed WAV file...

    Wait answers...

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