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How to config the 3CX Phone System with 3 SIP phone system ?

Discussion in 'Windows' started by sea.unicorn, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. sea.unicorn

    Feb 20, 2009
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    First of all thank everyone who give there valueable suggestions on this forum and help me so many time when ever i faced technical problem .Thank you !
    This is first time im writing in this forum .

    I need a software PABX system hosted someplace that allows us to set the lines to go to softphones.

    At present my company have got :

    * 10 Honkong SIP telephone numbers that we config in a ATA.

    * 10 Japan SIP telephone numbers that we config in a ATA.

    * 5 VN SIP telephone numbers that we config in a ATA.

    I would like to setup PABX system, all these telephone lines are connected to the PABX CO line in.

    3CX Phone System can do that ?
    Can the 3CX Phone System connect with 3 SIP phone system ? How to config ?

    Thank you again !
  2. discovery1

    discovery1 Member

    Aug 4, 2008
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    3CX can handle all the SIP calls - if you are configuring all the SIP details in an ATA then 3CX can do it as well if not better.

    All you need to do is either add a Generic VOIP provider for each of the 10 Hong Kong SIP numbers you have. If exch of the Hong Kong SIP numbers have a separate username and password this is the way you do it.

    If the 10 Hong Kong numbers are connected using a single username and password you have a "SIP trunk". Follow the manual on how to set up a SIP Trunk in 3CX.

    For Japan and the other VN SIP numbers you have just repeat the same settings as for the HK one.

    If you are replacing the existing PABX system then 3CX will work easily. If you are trying to use 3CX as a gateway between the SIP providers and the existing PABX it will still work but will be more complex to configure.
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