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How to implement speed dialing in 3CX

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by sip.bg, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. sip.bg

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    Nov 7, 2016
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    Many customers request to have speed dial system to call certain numbers by dialing abbreviated numbers like **nnn, where nnn = 000 to 999. This feature is found in many traditional phone systems.

    One of the possible solutions is to implement speed dialing with Outbound rules in 3CX. This approach is working, however is not convenient to handle significant amount of speed dials.

    Another approach or workaround is to create a dummy SIP trunk (with registration) to 3CX PBX itself and use DID functionality. This will allow to export, edit and import list of DID numbers, i.e. speed dials. There is a minimum length restriction for DID numbers of 4 digits, but you can mix access code in Outbound rules for this trunk with DID numbers to obtain codes like *7nnn, where nnn = 000 to 999 and DID numbers look like 7000 to 7999. Moreover you can have DID numbers of different length. As DID destination you specify either internal or external destination, etc., which is extremely flexible. Note for advanced users: you can play with modifying Caller IDs for your Speed Dial trunk and using Originator Caller ID or Extension's Caller ID.

    Configuration details:
    Assume your 3CX PBX has local IP address:
    Create a SIP trunk (without registration), name it Speed Dial and set as SIP server host address.
    As external number and authentication ID you can set the trunk ID, like 10001 or any other number like 123456789.
    Into advanced setting specify address: to be used as Contact and Connection SIP fields.
    Create at least one DID number like 7000 and point it to desired destination (other outbound rules may apply).
    Create outbound rule for your Speed Dial trunk like dialing *7, stripping one digit (i.e. the *) and using Speed Dial trunk as first priority.
    Test it by dialing *7000.
    If everything works fine (see note for advanced users above), you can create and maintain list of Speed dial numbers by editing the DID table for this trunk.

    Happy using Speed dials :)
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