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Implement 3CX Phone System in Calling Card production.

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by sakvin, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. sakvin

    Dec 29, 2006
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    Thank you for developing the great product which
    supports Windows.
    After I have read the manual/FAQ and tried the beta
    version, I have a number of questions that need the
    clarification prior to implement your product for my
    production. I hope you can assist me.
    1. How much does the 3CX Phone System cost for the
    release version? May you give me the estimate price?

    2. How can I implement the auto attendant feature in
    the following methods? If the features are not
    available, do you have plan to add these features?
    2.1 The caller enter a pin number and the auto
    attendant validate the pin. The pin can be put in
    somewhere in your system.
    2.2 The caller enter a phone number and the auto
    attendant forward the call to that number.

    3. How can I programmatically retrieve the call
    report? May you give me the sample of calling any API
    or SQL command?

    4. How can I implement the 3CX phone system for Calling Card production?
    4.1 The caller (my customer) makes the external
    call in USA to my number in USA.
    4.2 The caller enter a pin and cx phone system
    validate the pin.
    4.3 If the pin is valid, the caller enter a
    telephone number in Thailand (011-66-2-5100754)
    4.4 if the telephone number that caller entered was
    the number in Thailand (starts from 011-662), the 3CX
    phone system will forward the call to the specific
    VoIP phone number in Thailand that I have to make a
    free call.
    4.5 The VoIP server in Thailand that has another
    3CX phone system receives the call.
    4.6 The 3CX phone system forward the call with the
    number that the caller entered earlier
    4.7 The caller can speak with the number
    4.8 3CX Phone system can limit the time while the
    caller calls and ends the call while the caller
    exceeds the time.

    5. How many VoIP gateways that I need to have in order
    to make 100 concurrent calls from number 4.1 - 4.8

    6. It seems that I'll need to have 2 3CX-Phone systems
    in USA and in Thailand. How many licenses will you
    provide when I purchase a 3CX phone system?

    I'd really appreciate your help as I'm really a new
    user in this technology.
    Best Regards,
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