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Inbound/outbound DIDs/FXO port Selection with Patton Template

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Daniel Lent, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. Daniel Lent

    Dec 15, 2016
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    Can we at least get an option in the provisioning of the Patton SN4114 and related series of gateways to be able to provision each FXO port as an individual gateway?

    Ran into a client site that had really interesting requirements for a DNH. (7 PSTN lines, all individual direct dial numbers, members in the DNH, round robin hunting between members, etc) Long term, I'm probably going to get them to migrate to a SIP provider. However, the amount of work that had to be done with 2 SN4114 to be able to even individually address all the FXO ports at minimum with inbound was interesting.

    The 000000 - 000003 DID addressing of the ports for inbound works... as long as you only are using one gateway. There's massive confusion on the inbound rules when you set this up with the second gateway as all DID entries don't indicate which gateway they're related to.

    If you manually change the DIDs to something like 100000 - 100003, you will have to manually go into the Patton and make changes to match. It does work, but I think the template could be generated based on the options as you configure it in 3CX.

    Then, I can't exactly pick which FXO port any particular extension or group dials out of with the configuration as is. I would have to manually set up 4 different SIP gateways in 3CX and figure out how to manually configure the Patton. They've got a wizard for the config on this, but I haven't had much success with using it (only 3 ports come up, errors, or password problems.).