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Inbound routing by DID using SIP header Diversion

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by crm3, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. crm3

    Apr 5, 2016
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    Idea - include ability to recognize DID by SIP header Diversion

    19.10.2017 09:15:52 - [CM500002]: Call(C:94): Info on incoming INVITE from Line:10000<<:
    Invite-IN Recv Req INVITE from tid=-3490833870-3876682676-1864165031-4287971173 Call-ID=cee4f6a0b47b11e7a7e61c6f653f95ff@ INVITE sip:0312986210@;rinstance=d12331ad82373a80 SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport=5061;branch=z9hG4bK-3490833870-3876682676-1864165031-4287971173 Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: <sip:0312986650@;user=phone> To: <sip:0312986210@;user=phone> From: <sip:0312986650@;user=phone>;tag=2364990670-3876682676-1864165031-4287971173 Call-ID: cee4f6a0b47b11e7a7e61c6f653f95ff@ CSeq: 1 INVITE Allow: ACK, BYE, CANCEL, INFO, INVITE, OPTIONS, REFER, REGISTER, UPDATE Content-Type: application/sdp User-Agent: MERA MVTS3G v.4.4.0-21 Remote-Party-ID: <sip:0312986650@;user=phone>;party=calling;privacy=off;screen=yes Cisco-Guid: 2759105155-3014791655-2493186075-1395156098 Diversion: <sip:312456672@;user=phone>;reason=unconditional Content-Length: 252
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