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incoming call no audio

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by ksantella, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. ksantella

    Apr 23, 2007
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    I had this issue before and was resolved when I loaded previous version. I loaded new version (2434) and I got it again. Here is what happens.

    Incoming calls no audio. If I place the call on hold then pick it up again the audio is there until 30 seconds when the call drops. I will place my firewall / NAT settings but this has not been changed. One thing I notice is that my STUN used to resolve to address:5060 now its a number in the 10000's. Also, I am getting Cant send RTP stream to

    All outgoing calls work well. I have listed below my firewall settings followed by logs of one incoming and one outgoing call for review. Thanks for the help.

    # Service Name Start Port End Port Server IP Address
    1 VOIP-TFTP 69 69
    2 VOIP-SIP 5060 5061
    3 VOIP-RTP 8000 9998
    4 PBX 5480 5482
    5 VOIP-STUN 3478 3478
    6 VOIP-INTERNAL 7000 7500
    7 VOIP_VOICE 10000 20000

    outgoing call and STUN

    09:02:22.328 StunClient::process [CM115002] STUN resolved external IP= by server
    08:57:53.156 StratInOut::eek:nHangUp [CM104007] Call(32): Call from Ext.301 to 17325171151 has been terminated by Ext.301; cause: CANCEL; from IP:
    08:57:21.562 CallConf::eek:nProvisional [CM103003] Call(32): Ln:10000@junction is ringing
    08:57:18.093 CallConf::eek:nIncoming [CM103002] Call(32): Incoming call from 301 (Ext.301) to sip:17325171151@

    incoming call
    08:49:45.781 MediaServerReporting::RTPReceiver [MS105000] Call(30) Ext.301: No RTP packets were received on 0000003B@:remoteAddr=,extAddr=,localAddr=
    08:49:45.765 StratLink::eek:nHangUp [CM104001] Call(30): Ext.301 hung up call; cause: BYE; from IP:
    08:49:45.640 CallLegImpl::eek:nConnected [CM103001] Call(30): Created audio channel for Ln:10000@junction ( with Media Server (
    08:49:45.625 StratInOut::eek:nConnected [CM104005] Call(30): Setup completed for call from Ext.301 to Ln:10000@junction
    08:49:45.625 CallLegImpl::eek:nConnected [CM103001] Call(30): Created audio channel for Ext.301 ( with Media Server (
    08:49:20.265 CallConf::eek:nProvisional [CM103003] Call(30): Ln:10000@junction is ringing
    08:49:17.843 CallConf::eek:nIncoming [CM103002] Call(30): Incoming call from 301 (Ext.301) to sip:17329270829@
  2. Urbok

    Urbok New Member

    Jul 14, 2007
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    edit the extension and try to set the flag "is external" on the advanced option tab.
    let me know if this works.
  3. dete

    Sep 12, 2007
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    I have the same Problem

    It happent only with the client that are over internet
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