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Initial annoucement to callers who have to wait in busy queue

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by ZS Support, Jan 5, 2018.

Initial annoucement to callers who have to wait in busy queue 4.7 5 3votes
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  1. ZS Support

    Nov 8, 2017
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    The idea is that when a caller first arrives in the queue and all agents are busy, they get a (customizable) prompt that tells them all agents are occupied. What now happens is that they hear nothing until after the announcement interval timeout elapses and the first announcement is made. In our case that's 60 seconds which is long for a first announcement. Making it shorter means more frequent announcements which could be annoying for the caller.

    It makes more sense for the first announcement to be made immediately once the system detects that the caller has to wait (so using the queue intro prompt as suggested here is not a good solution because it means everyone will get to hear that message even if they don't have to wait). A nice extra would be to make the time of the first announcement configurable e.g. first announcement after 5 seconds and subsequent announcements every <announcement_interval> seconds.