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Interesting issue on Japanese Android Phone

Discussion in 'Android' started by nakanet, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. nakanet

    May 1, 2011
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    Device Info
    Phone Model: [NTT Docomo - Sharp LYNX SH-03C]
    Android: Version 2.2.2
    Firmware: Baseband 1.0.0

    Issue Info
    Handset: [Phone|Heatphone with MIC|BT]
    Contacts: [Local]
    Connection: [WiFi|3G]
    Server: [External]

    Dear friends,
    I would like to share an experience that I had today with the equipment described above.
    I´ve made an common install of 3CX for Android version 2.0.5 that´s available on Google Play.
    Everything seemed to be a very common install, with a simply manual profile configuration.
    The user called our support saying that when she dials a number on the phone keypad (standard 3G call), the 3CX app pops-up and the call tried to be made thu the 3CX system instead of th 3G network.
    I´ve imagined that I´ve forgotten the option to allow 3G calls to be redirected to VOIP enabled and this configuration were causing the problem.
    Then, when I saw the user´s phone, on 3CX app, the option to redirect the cals to VOIP was DISABLED. And trully everytime the 3CX app were up (green dot - connected to central), all calls made thru the phone were redirected to 3CX system.
    Due to our user´s policy, this user does not have outbound calls anabled and all outbound calls, even made thru the 3G network were redirected to 3CX.
    When the app was shutdown, the 3G network calls returns to normal.
    I´ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but the problem continued to happen.
    Then, I had a glimpse and I´ve touched the VOIP redirecting option ON once, and back again to OFF.
    After doing thi, the problem disappeard. 3CX extension calls were connected thru the 3CX central and the phone keypad dial were directed to the 3G network.
    It was a very interesting issue with a very simple hidden solution.
    Does anybody had a similar experience like this one ??
    I´ll try to install this version of the 3CX app in other different phone and see if it happens again. (I trully hope not...)

    Regards to all
    Eduardo Nakagawa
    Nakanetworks Japan Holdings - Telecommunications and IT Services Division.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.