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    For interested 3CX iOS client users, some useful good news:

    it seems now iOS properly allow 3CX client to be invoked from other applications to call phone numbers: just long-press the number and the iOS will display a popup menu where 3CX client is now also present (attached screenshots img_0129 is from Notes app. img_0130 is from Mail app).

    Now, the bad news:
    - it seems the menu shown in browsers doesn't contain the 3CX client (we tried with Safari and Chrome); however, neither Viber (we tried it as another softphone) is shown. We'll have to dig to see why (maybe's a security precaution taken by Apple).
    - if you try with released, AppStore's 3CX client (15.2.11) it may not work first time when 3CX client is launched - it should have been in the background already. However, this issue is fixed and will be available starting with

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