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IVR Logic - ala Switchvox

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by PatrickTodd, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. PatrickTodd

    Jan 12, 2016
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    Please add the ability to create complex IVRs, currently an IVR is a simple template which is fantastic for setting up a really quick menu, but offers very little functionality.

    You ca not configure what * or # does for one; I'd like to see the ability to generate more complex sequence of actions such as:

    • Listen for digits and store in a local or global variable.
      Record sound to a variable.
      Play sound (From variable or library)
      GoTo (go to a specific line in the action sequence)
      Simple math (add, combine digits etc from variables)
      IF (stored variable) Go to (IVR/EXT/line in sequence)
      Check Time (if 12am - 6am go to...)

    An example of how I've used this in other PBX's is to create an 'analog' way to change greetings for a community house. The house had events that change each week and wanted to give callers the ability to listen to them from a main menu option. They also wanted to make these available in both Spanish, and English.

    To do this I needed the ability to do the above and several different IVR's that I would push the caller through depending on if their language and the type of even schedule they wanted to listen to.
    I was able to provide the ability to rerecord these greetings from a simple phone call (call specific line, enter pin (Record Digits / IF secretnumber then goto next line) and select a number to record a specific announcement list, the IVR would save the Varriable over the previous WAV file with the same name, allowing it to change on the fly.
    This gives the ability to record without an app or web connection and was invaluable to that client.

    Such logic must already be used at some level within 3CX, would it be possible to uncover some of that for IVR's specifically?
  2. tratz

    tratz New Member

    Oct 21, 2015
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    Doesn't the voice application designer do what you want?

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    As i understand it, that's exactly what the VAD module is for.
  4. PatrickTodd

    Jan 12, 2016
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    I really would like to see some of the more basic features as a part of 3CX itself configurable via the web interface, don't need the ability to integrate with external applications api or scripts, etc though I admit I did not even realize this module existed.

    From what I can tell, the VAD offers more functionality than necessary for most, what if all one needs is to change the order of * and #? Do they really need to spend 800USD just for such a simple task?

    For example, the current call bridge asks you to enter a conference ID then press #, but then switches to * to confirm joining and confirm name.
    It is an extremely small thing, and sure users can get use to it, but also seems a very small easy detail to allow customizing of those keys. (From a user perspective at least.)

    Thankyou for enlightening me; what do you all think about just a few of the more basic features being available in IVRs?
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