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    I have a customer on V15.5 and they have 1 SIP Trunk and 1 DID for their main line. On their old analog phone system with the main line and 3 rollover lines they would get their first call on line 1, second call on line 2 and so on. I am trying to configure this in 3CX so the receptionist that answers all calls can be on the first incoming call and when the secon call comes it would ring and then they can put call 1 on hold and answer line 2. I would like to label the line keys line 1, line 2, line 3 and line 4 since they have a 4 SC License. Is there a way to do this and how?
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    You could assign the receptionist set, either multiple lines keys, with the same extension number, incoming calls would ring the other keys.. You could also have different extension numbers on each key, with all numbers in a ring group (there are different ring group types). You could also use a Queue, so that the calls could be automatically answered, the company name announced, and then the caller put on hold automatically until the receptionist became available. that stops them from having to put the first caller on hold to answer another line, only to put that caller on hold then go back to the first.
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