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Max 19 character Address Book Contact Details

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by DamianCorr, Jun 14, 2017.


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  1. DamianCorr

    Apr 26, 2017
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    We are focused on delivering the best customer service. We want to use the contact address book so when Joe Blogs from CompanyA calls in we can great the caller "Hi Joe Blogs from CompanyA".

    Unfortunately this only works by displaying the Firstname Lastname or LastName Firstname before or after the queue name. If this total string (firstname lastname:Queuename) is longer than 19 characters the rest of the string disappears off the side of the 3CX softphone client. If you hover your cursor over the inbound call it does show a hover over of the contact details but if you're a receptionist dealing with 1000 calls a day, you don't want to do this for every call.

    There is plenty of space in the softphone client window. Please can we get a change in 3CX to either carriage return the details or at least wrap the text so all the contact details are visible?