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More flexible extension Forwarding Rule exceptions

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by giwm, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. giwm

    giwm New Member

    Sep 27, 2016
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    The Forwarding Rule exceptions are great... but somewhat limited. Two things would make them great:
    1. Block all inbound calls (inbound meaning external to 3CX calls)
    2. Add entire extension groups to an exception
    Use cases
    1. Block all inbound calls
    If you have a PA system, you don't want anyone from the outside calling it. Period. A checkbox and you can make it go to End Call or redirect elsewhere. Since you can't block things like 1* if you have extensions starting with a 1, this is the only option - and we don't have it currently.

    2. Add entire extension groups to an exception
    Say you have 50 locations (each an extension group), each with a PA system and 1000 extensions total. How do you prevent internal calls to a PA from other locations? If prankster Jimmy knows his PA extension and there is any sort of consistency in a deployment, he now can call everyone's PA. Maybe Jimmy is disgruntled is wants to let everyone shopping in one of the retail stores know. Easy. HOWEVER, if you can block all extension groups except for the one that extension is in, the problem is (largely) solved.